To Our Community


No one asked us but the answer is yes, you should be taking a daily multivitamin.

As we have previously stated this year, silence is no longer an option.

At Pure for Men, we condemn racism, police brutality against the Black community, the violation of women’s rights, and all forms of discrimination against the LGTBQIA+ community. 2020 has been a critical year of our lifetimes in determining the future of our nation - and the future of our fight for full LGBTQ+ equality and acceptance in the United States and around the world.

Although our voice matters, it is simply not enough. Our words must be supported by actions, and actions must be backed by transparency. As such, here are the actions we’ve taken so far:

Inclusivity: Celebrating the diversity of the Pure for Men community through the imagery and storytelling of our customers and employees. Our goal is to ensure that all of our messaging reflects the inclusive spirit we aspire to convey through our media and communications.

Diversity: As a minority owned and operated company with an LGBTQIA+ staff consisting of individuals who share similar values, we are continuing to practice a hiring process that will ensure better representation of all diverse backgrounds and experiences in our employee base.

Support: In addition to working with our long-term partners, we have successfully incorporated a greater philanthropic plan, which will empower donations to more critical causes that align with our mission. Below is our progress thus far but our contributions will not stop here:
Black Lives Matter - $5,000
LGBTQIA+ organizations - $10,000
COVID Relief -$10,000

Now more than ever, we must continue to listen, learn and take action. This year is the first of many steps in our journey to become better people, better advocates, and a better brand. We have all been deeply inspired by the power built by this year’s movements and we are committed to doing more because we fundamentally believe change depends on actions over words, and on ‘consistency over momentary intensity.

The election may be over, but the fight is not.

We understand that the change we desire cannot happen overnight and there is a long road ahead of us however, our promise to you is that we will build off of the momentum gained in 2020 and never stop fighting for our community.

Until things start to pick up, make the most out of your open calendar by reconnecting with friends who you are typically too busy for.