3 Reasons Why Masks Should Be Here to Stay

01.19.2021 - Health & Hygiene

Gay men face mask

We know, we know, you are over the pandemic. This past year has been an absolute nightmare and we couldn’t be more excited for everyone to get the vaccine and get to moving on! However, out of the mess and the madness that was 2020, there are some nuggets of good that may be worth taking with us into the future.

For many folks, wearing a mask is a cumbersome reminder that we are still dealing with Covid-19. And at Pure for Men, we certainly look forward to the day when we can leave our house without a mask and not have a complete panic attack. But we believe that before the pandemic began, masks were an underused tool that can still improve the health of the public when used in moderation.

Still don’t believe us? Ok, just hear us out… 

A mask is a sign of respect to you

If someone isn’t feeling that great and decides to throw on a mask, it is out of respect for you. It may just be allergies, or maybe its strep throat! Either way, that person has enough regard for your health to throw on a face bra and reduce your exposure.

A mask is a sign of respect for others

It works both ways, henny! If you aren’t feeling well or think you may have been exposed to a virus, taking the extra precaution of wearing a mask, especially those who are most vulnerable, is a seriously sexy flex of thoughtfulness and respect.

A mask is an opportunity to make a statement

You know what is prime real estate for a marketing opportunity? Your face. Whether you want to make a fashion statement or political statement, a mask can be so much more than a public health precaution. Throwing a birthday party? Gather your gaggle and make custom masks to shout out the birthday bitch. Going to a rally? Make an impact without having to say a word. By embracing the mask, you have to opportunity to express yourself in a totally new way.

Get into it, gal. 

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