3 Ways to Celebrate Sexual Health Month


September is the month of pumpkin spice lattes, cooler weather, and most importantly, sexual health!

As gay men, it’s important to take care of ourselves not only for our partners but for our own health. Practicing sexual wellness can also transform your self-care routine and can lead to even more pleasurable experiences.

Whether you’re newly sexually active or more experienced, take this month to check in on your sex habits and have some fun while doing it (pun intended)!

Practicing sexual wellness can also transform your self-care routine and can lead to even more pleasurable experiences.

Practice Sex Hygiene

To celebrate this month, try starting or revamping your own sex hygiene routine. Sex shouldn’t be a stressful experience and staying ready at all times can eliminate that worry!

Daily behaviors like taking a natural fiber supplement or using a bidet are not only beneficial to you physically, but they are way better than douching. It also helps to stay fresh by using a body scrub for men or a bath bomb for daily hygiene and necessary relaxation time.

During sex, using a PH balanced and water-based anal lube helps to make things easier while also preventing excessive irritation. To freshen up before or after sex, enlisting the use of full body wipes for men can keep every part of your body clean, especially that part!

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Get Tested

Sex is a celebration of pride, health, and freedom. To keep the celebration and party going, it’s important to get tested.

This September serves as a reminder of the importance of preventing the spread of STIs and HIV through regular testing and preventative measures. Condoms, medications, and lube are all a part of sexual wellness and safety. Using lube for anal sex can lessen the impact your anus receives during intercourse and prevent tears that leave you more exposed to STIs.

Have Sex by Yourself or With a Partner

Perhaps the absolute best, and most fun, way to celebrate Sexual Health Month is to have sex!  

Whether you’re having some solo fun or experimenting with your partner, exploring your sexuality and what feels good is what this month is about. The benefits of sex aren’t limited to pleasure, they can improve your mental health and also build intimacy. Being honest about what you like and don’t like is part of the process of getting to know your partner and practicing Sexual Wellness!

For a night with yourself or with some company, lighten the mood with one of our scented candles or stay ready with Pure for Men fiber capsules or powders!

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Celebrate Sexual Wellness All Year Long

Practicing these Sexual Wellness habits can go beyond September and can be year-round!

Sexual health is a vital part of your physical and mental wellbeing. We encourage you to spend some time performing self-care or experimenting with new or old kinks to stay healthy.

To stay ready through creams, lubes, supplements, and more, be sure to explore our site before exploring yourself!

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