4 Ways to Support Black Lives Now and Forever


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The Black community continues to serve as a beacon of hope for all marginalized communities. Even when being subjected to ongoing and unwarranted violence and persecution, they continue to find the strength to pave the path to equality for all people.

The LGBTQ+ community’s ability to live openly with Pride is the direct result of the revolutionary actions of Black trans people, such as Marsha P. Johnson and Miss Major Griffin-Gracy.

In order to celebrate Black lives, we must support Black lives. Here are 4 ways you can support Black lives now and forever.

Support Black-owned Businesses
The number of Black-owned businesses is on the rise, giving you plenty of options when it comes to shopping for products or services. According to the most recent available Census data, there are more than 2 million Black-owned businesses in the United States. Find these businesses at the following sites:

The Black Wallet
We Buy Black
Official Black Wall Street

Add Diversity to Your Media Consumption
We choose the content we consume, everything from books, blogs, films, podcasts, and news outlets. If you are looking for new content, we suggest researching and identifying those created by Black voices and perspectives.

Get Involved
If you are unable to attend the protests or physically volunteer, you can take action to demonstrate your support while widening your knowledge of Black history by donating to organizations making a difference in the QPoC community.

This month we have partnered with Allgo, an organization that celebrates and nurtures vibrant queer people of color communities in Texas. Allgo does this through cultural arts, wellness, and social justice programming.

To show our support, we have donated $5,000 in hopes to help Allgo self-sustain their own movement without depending on other institutions. We encourage you to help support them too, if you are able.

If you are looking for other ways to donate but would like more options, we have a few we recommend:

Black Trans Women Inc
Black AIDS institute
Trans People of Color Coalition

Take Responsibility for Educating yourself
This one is on you and nobody else. Listening to stories from leaders in the Black LGBTQ+ community, educating yourself and your community on revolutionary pieces of media, and supporting organizations that support the Black community are just a few of the ways we can all fight for the liberation of Black people.