5 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life

09.14.2021 - Sex Ed

Sex is more than just a physical process, it’s a way to build connections with your partner or yourself.

Of course, there is good sex, bad sex, and the millions of options in between. Your sex life can be as exciting as 50 Shades of Gray one day and as routine as a weekly chore the next.

While there isn’t a one size fits all solution to spicing up your sex life, these tips will have you curling your toes and leave you satisfied in no time!

...it’s a way to build connections with your partner or yourself.

Introduce New Toys

There’s nothing better than physical contact during sex, but sometimes we need that extra push to keep things exciting.

Trying out new sex toys in different shapes, sizes, and vibration intensities can liven things up with your partner, or during solo play. You can even try remote-controlled toys or stimulating different areas like nipples to maximize the benefits!

Role Playing

You probably know the classic role playing scenario with fuzzy handcuffs, fake mustaches, and cheesy costumes, but it can go way beyond that!

This is a perfect opportunity to get to know your partner better and maybe even build up some acting skills. If your partner has a fantasy with that cute Trader Joe’s cashier then go for it, just be sure the produce is fresh by using wet wipes for men or fiber capsules!

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Change your Environment

Though deceivingly simple, changing up the location or lighting can be very effective.

Besides renting out a hotel or getting intimate in the kitchen, you can also stimulate the other senses by using blindfolds or scented products. Scented or flavored anal lube can be great for switching things up and keeping things running smoothly.

Get Intimate

Intimacy is the key to relationships and if you’re in a sexual rut with your partner, try igniting the spark again.

Sexting throughout the day or washing each other with our soap Bar during a hot shower can go a long way in building anticipation and desire. Be sure to also communicate with your partner about what you want to explore, what you feel is missing, or what you need to do to improve your sex or relationship.

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Skin Collection 

Elevate your skin care and natural scent with our invigorating scrub, cream, soap, and more for your private and public parts.


Benefits of fiber supplements

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Switch positions

You can also go back to basics and switch up your positions.

Try topping instead of bottoming or vice versa. You can even try using different hands during solo play or try new sexual positions with your partner like standing. Whether you’re experimenting or keeping it classic, be sure to be fully stocked in our water-based anal lube!

Stay Ready for Exciting Sex

Spicing up your sex life should be an enjoyable and healthy experience for both couples and singles. Trying new things can feel odd at first but can lead to big payoffs, just be sure to keep it comfortable and fun!

Whether you’re trying new toys or working on intimacy, be sure to stay ready with Pure for Men fiber capsules and products!