Beach Bum Ready

03.22.2022 - Pure Lifestyle

After a seemingly endless cold hibernation, it is FINALLY nearing the glorious swimsuit and skinny-dipping season! But, with the arrival of swimsuits and oceanside cocktails, also comes the extremely common internal dread and shame over not being “ready”.

While we have loads of tips and products to keep you ready for anything, we also know that staying ready requires a ton of self-compassion and confidence even when we’re at our most insecure.

To help keep your bod and mind ready for the summer, Pure for Men is here with a guide for how to continue staying ready for anything even if you didn’t reach your goal weight, tan shade, or Wordle score!

...Staying Ready requires a ton of self-compassion and confidence...

Staying Ready on the Outside

While it may not be realistic to look like a member of the infamous Drag Race Pit Crew this summer, it is healthy to aim for sustainable eating habits, regular exercise, and, most importantly, SKINCARE. Sunblock, dermatologist visits, and regular washes go a long way in maintaining a sexy beach bum-shell look!

It’s good practice to wash off any summer sweat, seawater, or sunblock on a daily basis, and our Charcoal or Eucalyptus Body Wash, Body Bar, or Body Scrub for men can help you get clean while maintaining a masculine scent. We can even help if you’re ever in a jam and looking for a quick cleanse and a moisture boost with our Wipes and Bum Balm!

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Additionally, with all the sunshine and exposure our faces get in the summer, a face care regimen is more essential than extra ice in your poolside mojitos. Our Face Care Kits, creams, cleansers, mists, toners, and Vitamin C Serum can help save your face so you can continue serving it!

Staying Pure on the Inside

Summer is the perfect time to indulge in boardwalk foods and to try new things, but that doesn’t mean your body care has to stop at daily face washes without caring for the inside as well.

In addition to moderation and exercise, Pure for Men supplements, like our Stay Ready Fiber Capsules or Powder, can help maintain your digestive system for playtime while having lasting health benefits to add some backup after an extra barbeque or the unexpected Gelato run! Our Multivitamin can also be useful to keep your energy boosted while charging your immune health so you can stay sickening instead of staying sick. 

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As a companion to your external skincare routine, adding our Multi Gummies can also help keep your skin, hair, nails, and body healthy through the summer and beyond!

It also wouldn’t be summer without a cleanse or two and our Reset can aid in detoxing and cleansing your body before or after your beach date!

Keep Your Bum Beach Ready

The Pure for Men community has always been ready, so you don’t need to get ready for summer when you always stay ready. Our Fiber Supplements, body care products, face care kits, and anal lube are ways to accessorize your personal care at any stage in your journey.

This summer, ignore the photoshopped Instagram posts and focus on taking care of your body, face, and downstairs summer cabana with Pure for Men!

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Body Collection

Elevate your skin care and natural scent with our invigorating scrub, cream, soap, and more for your private and public parts.


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