Best of the Booty


Cheeks, Bum, Mona Lisa, Peaches, or Booty are all terms that refer to one of your most important assets in the bedroom. And while coming up with these nicknames may be easy, devising and sticking with a bottoming routine is much trickier.

But, once you do find your ideal routine and fiber intake, you’ll see the benefits once you start thinking more about the playing rather than the prepping!

To make things easy, Pure for Men is once again here to save the day with some tips to keep you and your Mona Lisa ready before AND after playtime!

Keep Your Booty AND Body Ready

Before getting into more technical tips, let’s start with the Three W’s: Wash, Wipe, and Water.

For the first W, you’ll want to be sure to wash not only your bottom but your whole body too. Of course, we may be biased, but we recommend using one of our Eucalyptus or Charcoal Body Washes, Body Bars, Body Scrubs, or Bum Balms to keep your booty-ful self feeling soft and scented!

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If the timing or location is a barrier to a good old-fashioned bath, then it’s time to deploy the second W of wiping! Our Wipes, containing aloe and micellar, are the best way to clean off any dirt, sweat, or anything else to have a clean canvas for playtime.

Last, but certainly not least, is the best and most natural product you could ever use for playtime prep: WATER! Showering and wiping are staples no matter what, but for deeper cleans some men use douches to get everything cleared out (we’ll go over alternatives later!). We also recommend having a Pure for Men Bidet right in your home to have a clean bum every time with water instead of paper!

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Stay Regular to Stay Ready

You always want to be ready before playtime, but if douching isn’t your thing or isn’t possible, then our Stay Ready Fiber is key!

In addition to following a healthy lifestyle and diet right for your body, Pure for Men Fiber supplements can help keep everything flowing so you can get other things flowing. It can take some time to see consistent results, but a few capsules or powder scoops a week will keep your bum clean for dirty times!

As long as you take care of your digestive system with a healthy diet and fiber intake, you’ll still be ready for playtime!

And while it may also be a good idea to skip the office potluck or avoid dairy right before sexy time, you don’t have to deprive yourself of a diverse diet either. As long as you take care of your digestive system with a healthy diet and fiber intake, you’ll still be ready for playtime!

Stay Ready to Get Ready Again!

After playtime, the best tips are to just rest and reset. Take some time to relax, especially if things got a little intense or if there are any accidental injuries.

Ideally, a shower is the best way to reset your body, but our Wipes can also help you feel fresh after a long session. And, if you used one of our stain-free and residue-free Silicone, Water, or Coconut-based Lubes, then cleanup should be a breeze!

Stay at the Top of Your Bottom Game

The booty is a work of art and should be treated as such!

It takes a lot of work to keep it ready at all times, but trust us, it’s a lot easier to stay ready than it seems, especially with Pure for Men!

Whether it’s before, during, or after playtime, our Lubes, Body Washes, and wellness supplements will keep your bottom in tip-top shape!

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Body Collection

Elevate your skin care and natural scent with our invigorating scrub, cream, soap, and more for your private and public parts.


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