How to Celebrate Pride All Year Long

06.02.2021 - Pure Lifestyle

If last year’s Pride taught us anything, it’s the fact that the month of June is more than just parties and parades. Don’t get us wrong, we are no strangers to a good time but Pride is so much more than just events, it’s an opportunity to build community, listen, educate, and advocate for the changes that still need to be made. 

Although the month of June is special to us, we believe we cannot limit our actions of honoring Pride to just one month but instead all year long. 

... June is more than just parties and parades.

Here are six ways to celebrate Pride every day of the year. 

Share your meaning of Pride.  

Everyone’s story is unique and deserves to be heard. Challenge yourself and your friends to push past any previous notions of what Pride has been and discuss what your celebration of Pride should evolve to be. Yes, you can share your story on social media but if you are looking for a deeper connection try creating intimate moments or gatherings with those close to you. 

Whether you identify as LGBTQIA+ or are an ally, everyone can join in the celebration of love. It’s important to use this time to engage in ways that can make a lasting impact.

Take part in the protest. 

Pride is still a protest. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow we must continue the fight because we owe what we now celebrate with the trans women of color who stood up to police brutality at Stonewall. No matter your race, gender, or sexual identity, if our community is being persecuted for the color of their skin and their sexual or gender identity, use your voice and take action.

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Educating is celebrating.

Honoring and celebrating the “why” of Pride Month is more than wearing or posting a rainbow flag. Knowledge is power so take time to further educate yourself, family, friends, or followers on LGBTQIA+ and Pride history. This continuous knowledge can help you or others gain a greater appreciation for our community and strengthen our movement. 

Support LGBTQIA+ owned businesses.

Put your money where your mouth is and give back to the people who make up your community. Do your research and eat or shop at LGBTQI+ owned businesses, and invest in the community that supports you. Fun fact, Pure for Men is a Black and LGBTQIA+ owned business, so you are already off to a good start! 

Make it Count.

Don’t just talk about it, be about it. On February 25, 2021, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Equality Act, legislation that would update federal law to fully protect LGBTQIA+ Americans from discrimination in key areas of life including employment, housing, education, and public spaces. You can support the Equality Act, by calling or writing to your senators. 

If that's not enough and you feel like you need to be more involved, especially with everything that is happening in the world today, take this time to research and find organizations doing impactful work in our communities that you can donate your time or money to. 

Keep it going all year long.

Pride isn’t just a parade or a giant party. It’s more than a department store’s seasonal clothing line or any rainbow merchandise. Pride is a political revolution, and it is one that has evolved from the fringes of a Black Trans woman throwing the first brick to what it is today. It is now up to us to make sure the people who gave us Pride would feel comfortable celebrating every day of the year.

Happy Pride Y’all!

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