How to Take Dick Pics

06.15.2022 - Sex Ed

While scrolling Grindr or Twitter, you’re bound to encounter men in their classic poses of standing shirtless in front of a mirror or wearing nothing but underwear and socks. And while these poses are classics for a reason, there’s still an art and science to taking a sexy nude.

Pure for Men is here with photo tips to help your privates soon be known as the Linda Evangelista of bottom models!


The biggest tips for serving face (or head) in any dick pic are consent, privacy protection (covering up your face or tattoos), and making sure you’re not the wrong kind of dirty!

...natural lighting is your friend...

A pre-photoshoot shower with our Body Bar or Body Scrub is ideal, but our Wipes can help in a pinch.

For taking photos, there’s no need for ring lights since natural lighting is your friend, but beware of overhead or backlighting! Try to also frame your pecker in a natural angle, position, and level from a partner’s perspective. You can also send an equally enticing under the underwear pic!

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Taking Photos From Behind

For bum pics, our Bum Balm and Dietary Fiber Capsules will have your bottom feeling and looking its best!

Be sure to also add in flattering lighting and angles, and to get creative with your poses! Use your camera timer, pose in front of a mirror, spread it all out, test out some Magic Mike cosplay, or do something else fun since it doesn’t have to be perfect!

Stay Ready for Sexts or Sex

While there is no exact equation for the perfect phallic pics or bottom poses, there is a formula for staying ready for sending nudes or being nude!

Pure for Men is here with everything you need from anal lube to fiber supplements to help you stay ready for giving and receiving pics (or more)!

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Stay Proud Collection

A portion of proceeds from this collection will benefit LGBTQIA+ organizations in the state of Texas.


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