Bum Balm: Everything You Need to Know

11.12.2021 - Health & Hygiene

Fall isn’t just a season. It’s the season of change, from leaves changing colors to Starbucks changing its Latte flavors. 

In that same spirit, Pure for Men is changing its products (don’t worry, we wouldn’t dare touch our fiber capsules recipe)!

Our Stay Ready Cream, like any good pop star, is rebranding itself! It will now be known as the Bum Balm, and while the name is changing, we promise it’s still the same quality as before.

Since we know this is probably the greatest shocker of 2021, we’re going to talk you through this transition!

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What Happened to the Stay Ready Cream?!

We know it feels like it, but trust us, this change is NOT personal! It’s us, not you.

The Stay Ready Cream is still staying, just with a new name and look.

The Bum Balm is still made from organic oils, clove, natural herbs & spices, and raw shea butter. With the same natural ingredients, any skin type can still use the Bum Balm!

It will also continue to have its signature minty scent, moisturizing texture, and antimicrobial properties. And we of course could not forget about its anti-aging and anti-inflammatory functions!

Though the best part about this change is that no animals or creams were harmed in the making of this balm!

The Stay Ready Cream is still staying, just with a new name and look.

Not Just a Balm for Bums

Pure for Men prides itself in helping men stay ready internally through our dietary fiber capsules and externally through our face care products. The Bum Balm is no exception!

Don’t let the name fool you, this cream can be used on ANY part of your body that has skin. It can also be used on any body part with hair that’s here, there, behind your underwear, or even your derriere!

It’s safe and recommended to spread the Bum Balm on your face, legs, arms, chest, balls, and bum (obviously) to feel smooth before spreading something else!

Stay Ready to Spread Your Bum (Balm)

 All good things must come to an end before being spread on your end.

The name is changing, but not the quality product that you and countless other men rely on to help you Stay Ready! We can’t wait for you to meet the Bum Balm the next time you stock up on our Wipes or treat yourself to a Pure for Men Bidet!

Stay Ready with our Stay Ready Cream Bum Balm! 

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