Revamp Your Dating App Profile: Post Quarantine


It is something almost every gay man has or had at one point…a dating app. Whether you’re using Grindr or other apps, designing an online profile is a must. No matter your intention for using dating apps, it can daunting to find the right words or photos to describe yourself but you can make it easy. Think of your profile as more of an icebreaker and less like a job interview. It is essential to take the time to focus on a few areas that matter most to you and tell them what you want. Looking for specific values, like consistency and creativity? Write it out. Because of all the downtime that comes with social distancing, you have plenty of time to give your profile the upgrade it deserves, here’s how.

Fewer Filters, More You

Anyone this day in age is a product of the internet. Most people can recognize photoshop moments with one eye closed. If you photoshop or edit your photos drastically, you’re basically admitting on camera the fact you are trying to hide something. It’s perfectly normal to have insecurities and flaws, remember everyone has them. Be confident in who you are and your appearance, guys will definitely take notice.

Show. Don’t Tell

Love to travel? That’s great, we all do! Use your photos as an opportunity to show your passions and interests. Aligning photos with your interests will also make it much easier for others to relate and start a conversation with you. That being said, connect atleast one of your social media accounts to your profile. This allows a person to spend more time on your profile to learn more about you.

Just Add Clothes

Not all clothing is mandatory but sometimes more clothes could add a little mystery for those viewing your profile, which in turn, could spark more interest. If you are trying to find something with more depth, we advise that you to put the goods away. A shirtless photo is fine but try to focus more on the overall photo itself and less on the amount of skin.

If you are trying to find something with more depth, we advise that you to put the goods away.

Say Cheese + Pets

That’s right, people love to see a full face with an authentic smile, it shows a side of you that everyone joys to see. Sure, you can post a torso pic but keep in mind there are a million headless torsos but only one pretty face like yours. Pro tip: If you are feeling a little camera shy and need a co-star, add a furry little friend to show off to the crowd.

Keep it Simple

“But guys, I need to find the right angle and show more muscle.” No, bitch. Don’t overdo it. Treat this profile as you would your own Instagram or Facebook photos. In the end, you can spend hours or even seconds trying to design the perfect online profile, but all it takes is honesty and your individual style. Over polished photos and content can distract from what really matters-you! So don’t overthink it, use a grammar check and leave the bathroom selfies in the Myspace era