Sex Care is Self-Care

09.09.2021 - Pure Lifestyle

What do sex care and self-care have in common? YOU!

Self-care can go beyond meditation and watching The Crown in your favorite pajamas, it can include the things you do for your sexual health as well. Taking care of your sexual health, and sex itself, is something that every person should prioritize for their sexual satisfaction and overall health.

Sex care is synonymous with self-care for a reason, it’s because it helps you grab better control over your own life and maybe some other things!

Taking care of your sexual health, and sex itself, is something that every person should prioritize...

What Is Sex Care?

From douching to supplements, sex care looks different to a lot of people.

The most common components of sex care can include pre-sex activities like taking a natural fiber supplement, occasional douching, or general hygiene. During sex, care can include using condoms for STI protection and lube for increased comfort. After sex, doing things such as using wipes or taking a shower can increase your sexual and hygiene health.

Outside of sexy time, the most important forms of sex care are getting regularly tested for STIs and HIV, getting routine physicals, and taking care of your body through medications and fitness. In addition to knowing or managing your status, sex care can also include exploring your own sexual desires and those of your partner.

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How Does Sex Care Relate to Self-Care?

Some aspects of sex care are good for self-care, such as fiber capsules for heart health or medical wellness for physical health, but sex care being the same as self-care goes way beyond this!

When you take the time to explore what works for your health or your pleasure, you are taking care of both your desires and your needs. You are also exploring your sexuality and breaking down any internal stigma around sex to allow for better experiences.

Taking care of your sexual health can also make for better interactions and increase the physical and mental benefits of sex. The same goes for taking care of your physical and mental health to improve your sexual health.

The Benefits of Sex

After prepping with our supplements and skin products and fully caring for yourself, you can now experience all the benefits that sex has to offer.

Beyond the general endgame of sex, sex can help your blood pressure, improve your mental health, and it can even be a form of exercise! Sex can also help you build a better relationship with yourself through self-stimulation or grow intimacy between you and your partner.

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Taking Care of Every Part of Yourself

Sex care is just as important as taking long walks or doing hot yoga, it is the central act of taking care of not only yourself but of your partner. Even sex itself is a form of self-care and maximizing your routine will yield positive results beyond the sheets!

Whether your self-care routine includes Stay Ready Cream or Bath Bombs, Pure for Men is here to help you take care of yourself before taking care of him!