Sexy Santa’s Nice Tips for Naughty Times

12.16.2021 - Pure Lifestyle

What’s better than the holiday season? There are elves in stockings, naughty lists, mistletoes, and of course, holiday sex!

Sex during the holidays is a gift to some, but if you’re not ready for it, it can turn out to be a crappy time.

And while you may know the basics of sex like making sure your present is wrapped and knowing whether you’re more of a gift-giver or receiver (or both!), there’s more to it.

So Pure for Men’s gift for everyone this year is making sure you know how to Stay Ready so Santa won’t be the only one who’s coming this year!

Don’t Leave Coal in Your Stockings

If you love receiving (gifts) during the holiday season and year-round, SO DO WE!

To keep your celebrations merry, it’s good to maintain a clean area by taking bottoming supplements and possibly investing in a bidet attachment for long-term use or any late-night gifting.

Our fiber supplements come in capsule or powder form to help regulate your digestive system so you can focus less on what comes out and focus more on what comes in! And during the season of feasts, it’s even more important to keep regulated so you’re not constantly turning down dessert in the dining room or bedroom.

...during the season of feasts, it’s even more important to keep regulated...

Pure for Men’s bidet toilet attachment also helps keep your derriere clean after our fiber does its thing and it's much more effective than toilet paper!

Keep the Sleigh Ride Clean and Smooth

Another step to get ready for holiday bedroom festivities is to freshen up beforehand.

Ideally, a shower or bath is the way to go with either our Body Scrub, Body Bar, or Bath Bombs. This will help you get fresh, relax, smell great, and maintain an even cleaner backside!

But since we know the holiday season is busy and mistletoes can appear unexpectedly, we also provide a quick cleaning solution through our Wipes. And for even more fun, our Bum Balm will keep the sleigh ride smooth till landing!

men's daily fiber supplement

Light the Fireplace (Or Candle)

No matter how you celebrate this season, there’s always a way to set the mood to get ready for some bedroom jingling. Our bergamot and dark oak scented Candle can help set the tone for the afternoon (or anytime) delight!

A little intimacy or foreplay before the main event can help calm any jitters or stimulate some candy canes. It can be as simple as spreading a product all over your partner’s body, like our Bum Balm, or taking a bath together. It can also be more intimate through kissing, playing with sex toys, or you can even have a holiday-themed roleplay!

Keep Your Chimney Ready

The holiday season is already stressful enough, but Pure for Men is here to help you Stay Ready no matter who or what climbs down your chimney!

Our dietary fiber capsules and Stay Ready products are specifically designed with the needs of our community in mind and won’t disappoint.

So be sure to try them so you can Stay Ready during the season of giving (and receiving)!  

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