Stay Summer Ready From Beach to Peach

05.10.2022 - Pure Lifestyle

Summer is the season where temperatures rise and body sweat is abundant from the beach to the bed.

This type of scenery can lead to some steamy moments or possibly some steamy arguments instead depending on your feelings for high temperatures. But, summer sex can be some of the most intimate, exciting, and dare we say it, HOT sex you may ever have!

That’s why Pure for Men is here with some tips to keep you (and others) up for the summer even when the heat could (maybe) get some things down!

Keep It Steamy or Stay Cool

Ice cubes, cooled edible oils or foods, and frozen sex toys combined with the simmering summer heat can bring a new level of eroticism and maybe even introduce a licking element to your sex routine. Alternating between the heat and cold can also build intimacy by anticipating when your partner(s) needs a mist of cool water or possibly an AC replacement!

Ice cubes, cooled edible oils or foods, and frozen sex toys...

You can even double down on the heat by using hot towels or shutting off the AC to create a more immersive experience similar to a sensory deprivation tank in a sauna in the desert. However, while we’re all for heating things up, be sure to stay safe and hydrated to avoid any heat illnesses!

Of course, if you need to cool down or freshen up, we recommend our full-body Wipes with added Aloe Vera that can help with the occasional sunburn!

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Have Fun in the Sun

Summer is a great opportunity to try new positions, engage in different types of foreplay, or experiment with new locations using classic summer items like pool floaties. And if your summer schedule is fully booked, you can even multitask by sensually applying sunscreen or suntan lotion on your partner or yourself!

If you like reveling in the heat, try getting frisky al fresco in your backyard or in a private pool with our Silicone-based Lube to keep the fun waterproof. Sex on the beach is also a VERY fun option, but depending on the beach rules and your shower’s capacity for sand, you can enjoy it with your partner either in action or in cocktail form!

Clean the Beach

Last, but not least, our final wisdom to impart about how to have the best summer sex this year is none other than practicing self-care!

This includes taking care of your body and health through hygiene, nutrition, and some much-needed summer relaxation. In addition to a healthy lifestyle, taking our Pure for Men Supplements can help your body, mind, and bottom stay healthy and clear for the summer!

men's body care products

Another good tip to keep the hot vibes going is to shower before or after summertime adventures using our Body Washes, Body Scrub, or Body Bar. We love a good sweaty time and with these products, you can focus more on getting dirty instead of worrying about getting clean!

Stay Sizzling

Summer sex is infamous for a reason, and with Pure for Men you’ll be prepared for hot times whenever and wherever!

Whether you need to restock on our Bum Balm or you’re looking to try our Coconut-Based Lube, we’re here for all your summer needs (minus the discount plane tickets and air conditioners)!

Stay Ready and stay steamy this summer!

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