Staying Proud Beyond June

06.08.2022 - Pure Lifestyle

You’ve probably seen the wave of rainbow logos and LGBTQIA+ marketing campaigns from every company under the sun (and rainbow!). But, while visibility and inclusion are essential for our community, our goal as an LGBTQIA+ brand is to make an impact beyond changing our logo colors.

Pride is something that is inseparable from Pure for Men and it is more than a month-long trend for us. We are proud to not only serve our community with our Fiber Supplements but also with our advocacy for the community our staff and supporters represent.

We are taking this month to not only support our community but to also share guidance to help allies and other community members do the same!

The Pride at the End of the Rainbow

There is no one definition of Pride that is universal. Well, technically there is a dictionary definition, but you get the idea! Pride is about accepting and loving who you are and the community you are a part of.

Pride is something that is inseparable from Pure for Men and it is more than a month-long trend for us.

And while June may be the month we celebrate LGBTQIA+ Pride, it is also when we celebrate National Caribbean American Heritage Month and Black Music Appreciation Month (as well as the landmark birth months of Meryl Streep and Tom Holland!). This month extends our pride beyond our sexuality and cultural identity, it is about loving every part of ourselves from the way our brains work to how our bodies look.

June is also known as the season of rainbow emphasization for LGBTQIA+ pride, but we are using them this year on our Stay Proud Tote Bag and Stay Ready Fiber to represent pride for EVERYONE. Plus, a portion of the proceeds from these items are being donated to local LGBTQIA+ organizations that advocate for the larger social cause!

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Fight for Your Right

When we say to “fight for your right” we’re talking about more than singing the Beastie Boys song.

Pride is a right, but unfortunately, lawmakers and certain groups treat it as a privilege. This is why we have to fight for our equality and community through protests, petitions, and government involvement. We have a tremendous opportunity at this point in history where we can actually make a difference by supporting officials in elections or working with organizations that have direct impacts on local legislation.

However, safety always comes first and if protesting directly may not be an option, then supporters can still get involved through direct donations or indirect donations from purchasing items from allied organizations! We also firmly believe in the power of Pride parades and the positive impact they can have on LGBTQIA+ self-acceptance!

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Helping Our Community

Helping can go beyond volunteering or donating to LGBTQIA+ causes.

As corny as it may sound, creating a safe environment that encourages openness, without forcing it, can mean the world to someone who is closeted or uncomfortable with their identity. It is very easy to display an Intersectional Pride Flag outside of a workplace or community setting, but it’s an entirely different thing to genuinely implement that philosophy from the inside.

The not-so-secret secret to building an accepting community is to first accept and help yourself. Besides repeating RuPaul’s infamous loving yourself quote daily to yourself, applying the concept of self-love and self-compassion can help develop pride not only in yourself but in others as well!

Stay Ready to Stay Proud

Pure for Men Supplements don’t stop having an impact after June, our sexual health and social impact as a brand have been present since our first sale.

We absolutely love Pride Month, but what we love more is direct impact by and for our community members. This is why every year we support non-profit organizations such as Pride Marfa, Black Lives Matter, and Equality Texas.

This year, we are excited to see the impact that our community will have and we can’t wait to see how they Stay Proud and Stay Ready!

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Stay Proud Collection

A portion of proceeds from this collection will benefit LGBTQIA+ organizations in the state of Texas.


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