Stuff Your Stockings With Fiber to Avoid Overstuffing Your Mouth


Tis the season… of overeating! Whether it’s that extra slice of pie, yet another holiday potluck, or one two many Christmas tamales, the holiday season can wreak havoc on your tummy. And while you should absolutely enjoy those Christmas cookies your mom worked so hard to bake, we have just the trick up our ugly Christmas sweater to keep you from taking yet another trip to the kitchen.

If you are reading this, chances are you know a little bit about how fiber can benefit your sex life. Yes, it keeps you regular. Yes, it keeps things clean. But it you know that by supplementing your diet with fiber, it can actually keep you from overeating as well?

When your diet is low in fiber, it can often lead to weight gain. This is because fiber contributes to satiety, leaving you feeling full without binging on the wrong things. But consuming a lot of fiber during the holiday season can be especially difficult. So this year, treat yourself to an early Christmas present and come prepared for Grandma’s deep-fried holiday feast. Our fiber pills are great for your holiday travels and will help you stay ready when you find yourself underneath the mistletoe.

This holiday, stuff your stockings with fiber to avoid overstuffing your mouth. That way, your pie hole isn’t the only thing you shove something in this season. And if your boo is never in the mood because of a stomach ache, let him open his present early.