Connection Between Memory and Scent


No one asked us but the answer is yes, you should be taking a daily multivitamin.

Ever been so immersed in smell from a person or place it immediately triggered a memory? It’s like that moment when you “borrow ” a special someone’s T-shirt after a fun night and every time you wear it, you think of him. Even though it might take a second for you to understand the association between the two, when it happens, it’s instantly recognizable. Smells can evoke emotions, influence moods, and have you reliving entire memories with just one whiff. Since we are all about good hygiene, we thought we would sniff out the facts of how you can use the connection of scent to keep you man coming back for more. The science behind it Your olfactory system is responsible for your sense of smell and there are at least 1,000 smell receptors found within your nose that change based on what you’re smelling in the moment. Some refer to the olfactory system as the “emotional brain” because it can instantly prompt powerful responses and memories. It has access to the hippocampus, a nerve responsible for associative learning, and the amygdala, which is responsible for processing emotion. So, when you first smell something, your brain immediately links its scent to a moment, event, or person. For instance, the scent of lemon might make you think of the lemon tree in your backyard growing up, but for another person, it might be associated with the cleaning products their folks used in their childhood home. Or maybe the scent of bergamot and dark oak reminds you of a handsome stranger you passed by on the street. How to use it Wanna keep your guy or guys coming back for more without overdoing it? Keep it simple—enhance your personal experiences or playtime by adding simple and effective fragrances to your hygiene routine. Scent is so strongly associated with our emotions and memories that it can even affect our moods—it’s one of the many reasons why we use all-natural ingredients in each one of our hygiene products. Feel clean and confident with the intense aroma of our Stay Ready Bar or go from interesting to irresistible with the suave fragrance of the Stay Ready Cream. The power of this dynamic duo will leave you smelling and tasting like one big snack! Now if you are really trying to leave a good impression, set the mood with the Stay Ready Candle. The moment you light it up, it will instantly help lift the spirits in the room, while providing calm hints of bourbon and smoked wood that he won’t forget.