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10.19.2021 - Pure Lifestyle

Pale complexions, cobwebs, and ghastly reflections, these are all the makings of a great Halloween. But if you’re starting to recognize these in your own life, then it may be time to treat yourself or show yourself some new tricks!

Whether you’re a pro at self-care or know every sex trick in the book, it’s good to check in with yourself so you don’t stay ghostly pale past October or have cobwebs forming in your twilight zone! Our products and tips will have you ready for trick or treating for something other than candy in no time!’s good to check in with yourself...


Halloween tricks often include jump scares or giving out coupons instead of candy bars, but for us, the trick is knowing how to stay ready for the unexpected visitor.

Our water-based anal lube and plant-based fiber capsules are the ultimate tricks for bottoming or topping comfortably. In addition to the creative use of toys and foreplay of course! Though trying out new sex tricks by yourself or with a partner, can count as a treat as well!

Besides sex, there are also some tricks for skincare as well. Our Cream can be used to boost your complexion and confidence throughout your entire body. Good skin care is essential so people don’t think you’re method acting as a vampire for Halloween, although vampire facials aren’t off the table!

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There is no better treat on a crisp autumn day than some self-care.

We all deserve to light a candle and drop in a few scented bath bombs at the end of a long week. You can make this treat even sweeter with some company in the bath or having a lovely night loving yourself in more ways than one!

You can even indulge in new purchases such as treating yourself to that treadmill you’ve been eyeing. New sex toys, clothes, or Stay Ready gear can be a great way to reward yourself or share your pride.

Of course, the ultimate treat is consuming the best aphrodisiac of all time…chocolate! A chocolate bar or two now and then never hurt anyone, and besides, calories don’t count on Halloween!

Stay Spooky and Stay Ready

This Halloween, treat yourself to learning new tricks and taking care of all of your needs. Be sure to perform self-care beyond this month so those cobwebs don’t reappear and so you’re not cosplaying as a ghoul all year long!

Whether you want to see if our plant-based fiber does the trick or treat yourself to a night in with our scented skin products, we’re here to give out treats for Halloween and beyond!

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