What Is Male Menopause?

09.21.2021 - Health & Hygiene

As we get older and our bodies start to project metaphorical alarm signals that we are in fact aging, the whole transition could seem a little overwhelming. A couple grey’s here, stiff joints after a workout there, and a metabolism that starts to decline. These symptoms along with a few others are to be expected, whether we fight them or not. By the time we hit our fifties, we’ve learned to weather the storm, and if we’re lucky, we’ve grown to accept it with open arms. 

 When we compare or think of a woman’s aging stages, we often associate a lot of their internal symptoms to menopause. A period in a woman’s life that marks the official end of their menstrual cycle and the swift decline of their hormone production. Something that could be regarded as a celebration, but is often instead met with many lingering symptoms that can be quite disruptive to one's quality of life. You may have heard your mom complain about hot flashes growing up, or a constant cloud of fatigue hovering over their head. These are both symptoms that occur leading up to and during menopause. Other symptoms may include changes in mood, insomnia and a slow metabolism.

...the whole transition could seem a little overwhelming.

Oddly enough as men, chances are we’ve likely been told that something of the sort simply won’t happen to us. That we will transition so seamlessly that we won’t even see it happening. That’s not quite the truth - We’ve been told wrong. 

We experience a similar event, specifically relating to our testosterone levels. We experience male menopause, testosterone decline or whatever you want to call it, at a much lower intensity level. The ironic part in all of this, is the fact that the symptoms are roughly the same. While women's hormone levels decline at a rapid pace, us men will see our testosterone levels decrease at a steady pace of 1% - 2% each year, after we reach the age of forty.

While symptoms can still include hot flashes and mood swings, they also include exclusive symptoms, such as erectile dysfunction, infertility and a reduced desire for any sexual activity. It’s important to note, however, that the symptoms aren’t always guaranteed to be related to the issue at hand. 

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Our levels can always be tested by way of blood samples, although it is not always done on routine check-ups unless specially asked. Some men will even see their testosterone levels decline without experiencing any of the aforementioned symptoms at all.

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It’s also important to be preventative in regards to curbing some of these impending symptoms on our own. Consistently taking fiber, multivitamins and maintaining a healthy diet can promote strong gut health. Additionally, a consistent workout routine, even if it’s 10 mins, also goes a very long way to ensure our systems run as clean and efficiently as possible. Prevention is always the key to longevity and that is why we are here to help.