An Intro to Kinks

When we think of the word kink, we often equate it to something unconventional or taboo but the fact of that matter is that it really isn’t.

While we are all curious in terms of the boundaries we can set for ourselves at some point or another, we often do ourselves a disservice by not acting up on them. We may not always be open to discussing it with our partners for fears of shame or embarrassment, but we fail to realize that they are often thinking the same. It’s only natural to fantasize about certain scenarios that may fall in line with bdsm or any other form of kink.

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What is Kink?

While a kink is often described as an atypical sexual interest, this is very subjective. It could be anything from, spanking, to bondage to urine play or even something as simple as changing your voice. Nothing is off the table. By familiarizing yourself with the abundance of terms in relation to these sexual practices, you can in turn take inventory of the ones that speak to you. Wether you like being dominated, choked or leather bound, there’s a term for it all.

Talk to Your Partner

"Kinky sex is very alluring to many and it could be the catalyst of a relationship reaching new heights."

Once you’re ready to dive into this realm, communication will be key and consent imperative. You will have to set the rules before hand and always ask permission. Some kinks can be very intense, therefor in those cases, a safe word should always be established. No one knows your body better than you do, therefor never compromise yourself for any situation, despite being in the moment. You want to avoid the mental torment that may arise, which can be quite intense if you are not completely sure of yourself, let alone trusting of your partner. Always take it slow and respect yourself and everyone involved.

Kinky sex is very alluring to many and it could be the catalyst of a relationship reaching new heights. It’s fun to spice things up, so to speak, and you learn a lot about yourself in the process. Never be ashamed to open up to these things.

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Dive in

If you’ve never had the conversation with your partner beyond the confines of "regular" sex, download a kink check list that can easily be found online and fill it out together. You may be surprised in terms of what mutually excites you. Once this is established, the world is truly your oyster.

To keep things ready for your playtime or solo time we suggest using products that can help evaluate your experience before, during, or after. Our Premium Lube Collection, Wipes, Stay Ready fiber capsules or powders make things easy so you can focus on what matters most.

To recap, there’s nothing wrong with exploring your kinky side, in fact it is extremely encouraged. Just ensure that you know yourself and you’re comfortable with the person you will be engaging with. Set up a set of rules and be consensual at all times. Have a safe word ready and never go beyond the confines of what was agreed. Once you’ve completed your session, have a conversation about it all to provide safe peace of mind and an even better encounter in the future. Sex has many many layers and the more we discover the wider the door swings up for us as a society as well as a person.



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