Why You Need a Bidet

What’s better: Washing your hands or wiping them with dry disposable paper?

If we’re being honest, it depends on the situation. BUT, when it comes to, well, butts, a wash with water is far superior to a pat down with paper (yes, even with the softest kinds!).

"A bidet toilet attachment does a thorough job at cleaning off bacteria-filled residue from your rear, and also eliminates the risk of getting any on your hands." 

A quick install of our Pure for Men Bidet not only has practical benefits but it’ll leave quite an impression on your personal hygiene as well. And, the best part is that you can FINALLY see for yourself what the big flushin’ deal is with bidets!

Health Starts at the Bottom

Hand and bum hygiene go hand and hand (and bum).

A bidet toilet attachment does a thorough job at cleaning off bacteria-filled residue from your rear, and also eliminates the risk of getting any on your hands. Meaning, your buns and hands will only get dirty when you want them to!

Your personal health and hygiene will also benefit from a break from the not-so-healthy ingredients found in some toilet paper. The only thing that’ll get on your skin and buns with a bidet is water. Just be sure the water is clean and that the bidet attachment is properly maintained, and you’re good to go for when you gots to go!


PFM blog why you need a bidet man on toilet


Stay Clear and Clean

You’re probably no stranger to the effectiveness of our Pure for Men Fiber capsules in keeping things regular and ready. But, the one thing it can’t do is keep your derrière’s dermis smooth and debris-free.

The Pure for Men Bidet has multiple settings to guarantee cleanliness with comfort. This means no more toilet paper leftovers from the cotton soft blends or skin irritations from the white sandpaper types. 

Trust us when we say that the fuss saved from giving toilet paper the flush will be TOTALLY worth it when it comes to staying ready. Just spray before play for a gentle refreshing of your bum and you’ll be ready for when a different type of nature calls! 

And don’t worry if you can’t carry your bidet attachment everywhere, Pure for Men Wipes are a great alternative for when you’re on the go!


PFM blog why you need a bidet attachment


Switch for Savings

Last year, toilet paper prices were reported to have increased 15.6%, which means quite a wipe on your wallet long-term. A Pure for Men Bidet can save you a lot of flushin’ funds after the initial install, and it comes in a budget-friendly two-pack as well!

When you’re not out buying or using toilet paper, you’ll also save the most important thing of all: TIME. This means more minutes and moolah for the things that matter the most like health, hygiene, and self-care.

As an added bonus, the Pure for Men Bidet can finally put an end to the “over or under” debate!

Bidet, You Stay!

We’re living in the modern world, it’s time for toilet paper to sashay away.

Using our Pure for Men Bidet Attachment is as easy as flushing a toilet and it won’t clog up your paycheck. With a simple spray, you’ll be fresh and ready for anything.

Stop your delay and get a bidet today!



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