Premium Toilet Attachment


Attach, spray, play.

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$ 49.99 USD

The Pure for Men Bidet is here to help your bum stay clean, so stop wiping with toilet paper like it’s the 90’s. The precise, targeted spray of our bidet helps you stay ready when it matters most.

Long gone are the days of endless wiping or excess toilet paper being left behind on your bum when it’s time for playtime—could you imagine? Neither could we.

Your New Routine

Do Your Thing

Because you've been taking fiber, enjoy an easy time on the toilet.

No Pressure

Adjust the water pressure to your liking.

Adjust Your Angle

Get in there deep for a fully effective clean. Slide back and forth to find your perfect position.

Dry Off and Go Play!

Give your bum a little shake or air dry, and you're ready for whatever the day will bring.

How to Install and Enjoy Your Bidet.

Step 1

Turn off water valve and empty water tank.

Step 2

Remove toilet seat.

Step 3

Mount bidet and reattach toilet seat.

Step 4

Connect hose to water inlet.